In the 1930´s Mats Carlstein established a small company named Forsabolaget. Back then
it was a mail order business focusing on clothes and toys. Mats turned his hen house into a
stockroom where he kept the goods.

In a couple of years the company grew bigger and made its first move to Brodal in Borås. In the 1960´s when the company turned into a wholesale business a new warehouse was built in Tosseryd, Borås. It was situated next to Mats' own house were he and his family lived.

In the beginning of the 1960´s Mats' son Christer took over the business and changed the company´s name from Forsabolaget to Carlsteins AB.

In the end of the 1990´s the company was beginning to outgrow it´s facilities in Tosseryd and since there was no room for expansion there, a much bigger warehouse and office was built in 2007 in Viared, Borås.

Since 2006, Fredrik, Christer´s son, is the executive of Carlsteins AB.